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Changing the way software is designed and built.


Even in 2020, there is still a 64% chance that your next software project will fail to deliver on time, within budget or does not meet user demands.

After more than 50 years, the gap between business and IT is as large as ever. Existing software solutions often lack quality and are difficult to change. The results are high maintenance costs and ultimately, the need to replace software that has become unmanageable.


Since their invention, humans have had to speak the language of computers. With our Emergence approach, we enable computers to use the language of your organization, working together with you to shape solutions that fit.

We recognise your organization as a complex living system in a dynamic environment. Your needs today might be quite different next week, or next month. We design your solutions so that they can more easily evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.


Object Guild develops simple software solutions with a focus on human beings, to increase impact of purpose-driven organizations.

From 30 years of software development, we have distilled a set of principles, tools and techniques, grounded in anthropology, that allow us to develop applications that are simple, intuitive and powerful.

Object Guild crafts sustainable software solutions that will grow with your organization, keeping pace as you innovate, evolve and adapt to constant change.

Our approach

Every project is unique because your organization is unique.

Our holistic approach Emergence follows an exploratory, incremental and iterative design and implementation process, so that each solution will evolve with our shared and increasing understanding. We capture your domain using the power of stories, which are the best way for communicating and remembering knowledge. From these we design a simple and intuitive model of the envisioned solution, which we implement in a powerful programming platform.

In weeks, Object Guild can deliver working software with immediate return on investment.

By creating simple and intuitive, high quality software, Object Guild enables your organization to focus on its own mission.

The Team

David West

Founding Member

Dave West has been in the profession since its inception and has held positions ranging from programmer to Chief Information Officer. He is a Professor of Computer Science and Software Development and creator of award-winning programs in software development apprenticeship education. Dave also holds a master's degree in Cultural Anthropology and a PhD in Cognitive Anthropology.

Jonathan van Alteren

Founding Member

Jonathan van Alteren has more than twenty years of experience in enterprise software development and was a founding partner in a highly successful enterprise solutions company in the Netherlands. Jonathan is highly skilled in technical and infrastructural aspects of software development.


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